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Martini Chartering (Est 1995) acts as a competitive broker for various clients worldwide and is the exclusive broker for the container chartering activities of Reederei F. Laeisz and Reederei Leonhardt & Blumberg.

In constant touch with our worldwide clients and their brokers, we maintain our own vessel database of container tonnage and their respective openings. We provide a full range of additional services for our clients, such as expert advice on required tonnage, position lists, full guidance and support to charter party detailed negotiations, active operating/post-fixing, weekly market reports and tonnage/market evaluations etc.

Please contact us for advice or further information on any of our services; we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Discretion and an ethical approach to our business can be taken for granted.


Martini Chartering is responsible for predominantly container vessels in the size between 1000 and 5000 TEU next to PCTC's, bulk carriers and LPG's.


Container vessels
Bellavia 2005 66.160 5.117 Gls 23,5 kn Marshall Islands
Peking  1997 63.645 4.800 Gls 24,0 kn German
Penang  1997 63.645 4.800 Gls 24,0 kn German
Portland  1997 63.645 4.800 Gls 24,0 kn German
Portugal  1998 63.645 4.800 Gls 24,0 kn Liberia
Phoenix I 2002 58.000 4.367 Gls 24,0 kn Liberia
Silvia 2004 55.461 4.239 Gls 23,5 kn Marshall Islands
Hansa Australia 2014 47.267 3.649 Grd 23,0 kn Portugal
Hansa America 2014 47.267 3.649 Grd 23,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Asia 2013 47.267 3.649 Grd 23,0 kn German
Hansa Europe 2012 47.267 3.649 Grd 23,0 kn German
Hansa Africa 1997 43.200 3.424 Gls 23,0 kn German
Kaya 2007 39.418 2.824 Gls 21,0 kn Liberia
Porto 2010 39.000 2.790 Gls 22,0 kn Liberia
Ilva 2006 37.785 2.741 Gls 22,0 kn Liberia
Pona 2007 37.570 2.741 Gls 22,0 kn Liberia
Posen 2007 37.570 2.741 Gls 22,0 kn Liberia
Pontremoli 2006 32.190 2.646 Gls 23,0 kn Liberia
Pontresina 2008 32.190 2.646 Gls 23,0 kn Liberia
Beethoven 2012 34.035 2.554 Grd 22,0 kn Liberia
Priwall 1997 39.690 2.480 Grd 20,5 kn Liberia
Marivia 2001 30.300 2.082 Grd 20,0 kn Liberia
Lindavia 1996 30.620 2.078 Gls 20,0 kn Liberia
Bonavia 1995 30.518 2.063 Grd 20,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Altenburg 2011 23.374 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Augsburg 2008 23.388 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Augustenburg 2003 23.508 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Cloppenburg 2007 23.396 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Coburg 2007 23.452 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Drakenburg 2007 23.464 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Duburg 2012 23.453 1.740 Gls 21,0 kn Portugal
Hansa Falkenburg 2008 23.388 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Flensburg 2000 23.508 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Fresenburg 2013 23.453 1.740 Gls 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Freyburg 2003 23.466 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Homburg 2009 23.350 1.740 Gls 21,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Limburg 2006 23.482 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Ludwigsburg 2011 23.310 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Magdeburg 2003 23.508 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Marburg 2007 23.420 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Meersburg 2007 23.388 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Neuburg 2010 23.294 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Nordburg 2002 23.508 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Offenburg 2011 23.319 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Oldenburg 2002 23.508 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Papenburg 2007 23.464 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Ravensburg 2008 23.388 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Regensburg 2008 23.357 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Rendsburg 2008 23.357 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Ronneburg 2004 23.508 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Salzburg 2011 23.306 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Steinburg 2010 23.285 1.740 Gls 21,0 kn Liberia
Pinara 2004 23.400 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Rotenburg 2009 23.332 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Siegburg 2008 23.328 1.740 Grd 21,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Calypso 1998 21.480 1.645 Grd 19,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Castella 1998 21.480 1.645 Grd 19,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Centurion 1998 21.480 1.645 Grd 19,0 kn Liberia
Hansa Fyn 2003 20.152 1.581 Grd 20,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Langeland 2003 20.152 1.581 Grd 20,0 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Aalesund 2001 20.630 1.550 Grd 20,5 kn Liberia
Hansa Arendal 2001 20.630 1.550 Grd 20,5 kn Liberia
Hansa Kirkenes 2002 20.630 1.550 Grd 20,5 kn Luxembourg
Hansa Kristiansand 2001 20.630 1.550 Grd 20,5 kn Liberia
Hansa Narvik 1998 20.630 1.550 Grd 20,0 kn Liberia
Perla 2007 13.760 1.118 Gls 19,0 kn Marshall Islands

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F. Laeisz
Leonhardt & Blumberg
Martini Dry Chartering

F. Laeisz Group

The F. Laeisz Group has a long and proud history. Originally F. Laeisz was founded in 1824 and started its first shipping business in 1839. Later on F. Laeisz became famous for their “Flying P-Liners” which were fast sailing ships. In 1982 F. Laeisz Schiffahrtsgesellschaft m.b.H. + Co. KG, Hamburg and later on Reederei F. Laeisz G.m.b.H., Rostock were established.

Today the F. Laeisz Shipping Group is still active in more or less all markets, managing Bulk, Ro/Ro, Car Carrier, Ro/Pax, Reefer, Gas, Research and Containervessels.

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Leonhardt & Blumberg

The Shipping company Leonhardt & Blumberg was founded in Hamburg, Germany in the year 1903 by the partners Adolf Leonhardt and Arthur Blumberg. The Leonhardt family has continued the management of the company after the death of Arthur Blumberg in 1922 and is now - in the third generation - chaired by Frank Leonhardt.

In over 100 years Leonhardt & Blumberg has managed 180 vessels, which were in the past mostly general cargo vessels and bulk carriers. The current fleet consists mainly of modern container vessels which are trading world wide under time charter contracts with various shipping liner companies.

All services of a shipping company, such as executive, technical and supply management, chartering, crewing, insurance, financial management and new building projects are performed in the company owned office building on the shore of the Elbe river in Hamburg.

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visiting address

Trostbrücke 1
D - 20457 Hamburg

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Phone: +49-40-36808-440
Fax: +49-40-36808-444

mailing address

P. O. Box 11 11 11
D - 20411 Hamburg


Name Ext. Mobile
Peter Eckhardt (Managing Director) -447 +49 172 4179247
Thomas Kolb -441 +49 170 2977685
Kim Niebuhr -448 +49 174 390 6678
Sven Wickland -446 +49 172 4294077
Ludwig von Klitzing -450 +49 152 01914770
Stella Hiller -442 +49 172 3089300
Boris Erxleben -445 +49 172 421 48 57
Natalie Moeller -443 +49 172 4017000
Ildiko Mayer -449 +49 174 7002991
Stephan Bade (Managing Director) +49 171 2436 795

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Terms & Conditions

Art. 1 Scope

(1) The present General Terms and Conditions are applicable for all future business relations, regardless of whether the ship broker is constantly engaged in such business (Art. 84 HGB*) or is occasionally engaged in it, or has been engaged in it.

Art. 2 Activity characteristics

(1) The Ship Broker acts in all cases on behalf of and for the account of another (hereinafter called “Client”) and undertakes to exercise his activity with the diligence of a prudent businessman, and to select with care the persons acting for him in fulfilment of his obligations. The same shall also apply where he receives an order from his Client for conduct of upstream or downstream activities for marine transport (hereinafter called “Additional Business”) or for auxiliary activities related to marine transport or to Additional Business.

(2) The Ship Broker is entitled and empowered to take all measures which appear to him to be necessary for execution of an order, in particular to sign contracts with third parties with usual conditions, on behalf of and for the account of the Client.

(3) The Ship Broker is exempted from the restrictions of Art. 181 Civil Code (BGB**).

(4) All offers made by the Ship Broker shall be without obligation until placement of order, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.

(5) If the Ship Broker conducts forwarding agent activities, his liability in this respect shall be governed by the German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp).

(6) Notification to the Ship Broker is required if the order includes goods which are subject to special treatment or to a requirement for permit or reporting for loading, storage, reception, transfer or transportation. This applies in particular for dangerous goods under the IMDG Code.

(7) The Ship Broker is not required to give financial guarantees for his Client vis-à-vis third parties, or to provide securities, or to make any payment for which he does not have cover, or for which he has not received collateral to an extent which he considers sufficient.

(8) The Ship Broker is required to treat as confidential only such information and data of the Client as are explicitly identified by the Client to him as confidential.

Art. 3 Liability

(1) Claims for damages or reimbursement of expenditures (hereinafter referred to in summary form as “Claims for Damages”) by the Client vis-à-vis the Ship Broker, his official bodies, his employees or other persons employed by him to fulfil obligations, are excluded, unless based on acts committed by the Ship Broker, his official bodies, employees or other persons employed to fulfil obligations that constitute

(a) intentional or grossly negligent violation of obligations;

(b) culpable violation of obligations resulting in injury or death, or damage to health to the Client;

(c) non-fulfilment of a warranted characteristic; or

(d) culpable violation of principal contractual duties.

(2) Where none of the liability cases indicated in the above clause 1 sub-clause a., b. or c. are present, the liability of the Ship Broker, his official bodies, his employee or other persons employed to fulfil his obligations, is limited to such damage as is foreseeable and may typically occur in such contracts. The liability for such foreseeable damage as may typically occur in such contracts is limited to a maximum of EUR 50,000.00 per case of damage.

(3) The above regulations are not linked with reversal of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the Client.

(4) The risk of incomplete, incorrect and/or delayed communication of information between Client and Ship Broker, in particular by the use of postal or electronic means of communication, shall be borne by the Client, subject to the liability cases set out in clause 1 of this Article.

Art. 4 Remuneration/Claims

(1) The Ship Broker shall receive as remuneration for his activity an amount which is subject to free negotiation, where there is no tariff or statutory requirement. Payment of the remuneration falls due on receipt of the invoice.

(2) For any financial guarantees and/or disbursements provided by the Ship Broker, the Ship Broker is entitled to receive payment of a commission of at least 2.5% related to the nominal value of the respective services, in addition to the reimbursement claim for all expenditures, such as interest, bank charges, etc. which are related to such services.

(3) Any claims by the Ship Broker in foreign currency or invoices drawn up by him in foreign currency, entitle the Ship Broker at his option either to require payments in the respective foreign currency, or in euros at the daily exchange rate – again at his option – either as valid on the invoice date or as valid on the date of payment.

(4) The Ship Broker has the right to pay out freight or other charges collected by him for his Client in foreign currency to his Client in Euro, at the rate of the date of payment.

(5) Any outstanding payment claims of the Ship Broker which are not settled by the Client within 30 days from the invoice date shall be subject to interest for delay, amounting to 8 percentage points p.a. above the base rate applicable at the time of such delay, from the date of the invoice.

(6) The Ship Broker may demand reasonable advance payments.

(7) All costs incurred in connection with or as a result of transfer by, to or for the Client, shall be borne by the Client.

Art. 5 Offset, Retention right, Lien

(1) The Ship Broker is entitled to obtain satisfaction of his claims at any time from the due date of his claims, by offset with counterclaims of the Client. The Ship Broker is in particular entitled to satisfy his claims from amounts collected by him for the Client (e.g. freight charges) for all claims he has against the Client and any companies in which the Client has a direct or indirect majority holding. The Ship Broker also has the right of retention.

(2) On conclusion of the respective contract of which these conditions are a part, the Ship Broker shall have a contractually agreed right of lien with respect to all assets of his Client which are in the possession of the Ship Broker or come into his possession, regardless of the reason for which and time at which such claims arose.

(3) The Ship Broker shall be entitled to realise, at his own option either by private sale or by auction sale, all assets of the Client which are in his possession, if the Client has not, within 30 days at the latest following reminder by registered letter setting a final date for payment within 20 days, either made payment in full or granted the Ship Broker other securities which appear to the Ship Broker to be sufficient.

Art. 6 Limitation of time

All claims against the Ship Broker, his official bodies, his employees or other persons employed for fulfilment of his obligations, for any legal cause whatsoever, shall be limited by the statute of limitations within one year, counting from the statutory beginning of the period of limitation, provided that none of the liability cases as set out in Art. 3 clause 1 of the present Terms and Conditions are applicable.

Art. 7 Place of jurisdiction, Law applicable

(1) Any disputes with the Ship Broker on the basis of a contract of which these conditions are a part, shall be decided exclusively by the ordinary court of law responsible for the location of his registered office as entered in the Commercial Register.

(2) The activity of the Ship Broker is exclusively governed by German law, even if it is wholly or partly executed abroad.

Art. 8 Final provisions

(1) Any amendments or additions to these Terms and Conditions and/or the contract of which these Conditions are a part, are valid only if agreed in written form. The same applies also for cancellation or amendment of the requirement for written form itself.

(2) In the event that a provision of these General Terms and Conditions and/or the respective contract of which these Terms and Conditions are a part is or becomes invalid, such invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision that fully or as far as possible complies with what the parties wanted, in legally valid form.

Hamburg, June 2009

Copyright and sole distribution right:

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* German Commercial Code

** German Civil Code

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