Martini Chartering is an internationally acknowledged leading chartering broker. With our dedicated team we are able to offer our clients the highest standard of individual service and support. We are linking charterers and owners, supported by comprehensive research and a reliable post fixture operations. Martini Chartering has a young and innovative, but at the same time experienced team of shipping professionals with a wide range of collective experience across broking fields including ship owning, operating and market intelligence. Martini Chartering has a proven track record with charterers, owners, financial service providers and project developing companies around the world.

Furthermore we offer comprehensive commercial management solutions including pool management services.

Committed to relationship and trust, we are providing a dedicated bespoke 24/7 service for our world wide customers.

Under the brand of Martini Dry Chartering we offer our world wide clients of non-container markets, like in the dry cargo and car carrier business a distinct market access to both tonnage as well as cargoes.


Martini Chartering connects Owners and Charterers worldwide by offering tailor-made solutions for our customers´ commercial needs with a one-stop-shop approach.


Martini Chartering has an experienced chartering team, operating on a competitive basis, in all sizes and segments of the container industry.

We foster close relationships with charterers, owners and brokers alike, combined with a wide expertise and great experience. With extensive research capabilities, our global overview of available tonnage and requirements as well as market movements and trends, we are able to guide you in the best possible way. Tailor-made research products and market intelligence underline our expertise.


The professional and experienced chartering team of Martini Chartering is dedicated to its clients´ needs in both the spot and period markets.

We have direct access to major charterers and owners, and our team is distinguished by competence and extensive knowledge.


Martini Chartering has a devoted team with long-term experience in the Car Carrier chartering business and is the exclusive broker for Reederei F. Laeisz.


Martini Chartering is the exclusive broker for Reederei F. Laeisz on their LPG activities.


Martini Chartering provides their clients with a detailed and in-depth market insight and reliable real time market information. Our research team  holds broad historical, current and real-time data as well as comprehensive fleet statistics for our core segments of activity.
Martini Chartering publishes a dedicated container market analysis report covering various segments on a weekly basis. On demand, we prepare customized analysis and market reports.

We are a member of the VHBS and contributors to the Contex panel for the evaluation of time charter rates. click here!


Please meet our team and do not hesitate to contact our experts directly.
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Peter Eckhardt - Martini Chartering

Peter Eckhardt

Dir +49 40 36 808 447
Mobile +49 172 417 92 47

Peter has been with Martini Chartering since 1997, serving different positions, most recently as a shareholder and Managing Director. He is a member of the BIMCO Documentary Committee as German representative and Board Member of the VHBS (who are publishers of the ConTex).
Prior to joining Martini Chartering, he worked as container broker at H Clarksons, London, and started his career with F. A. Detjen, a Hamburg based ship-owner and ship-broking company.

Thomas Kolb - Martini Chartering

Thomas Kolb

Dir +49 40 36 808 441
Mobile +49 170 297 76 85

Thomas started his shipping career in 2000 with Reederei F. Laeisz, Rostock and has been with Martini Chartering since 2003. Initially involved in container operations, market research and chartering, he now mainly focuses on competitive container chartering. “We often receive feedback from our long-term clients that they find the cooperation with us very reliable and absolutely trustworthy of which we are very proud of.” Thomas is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (MISC).

Kim Niebuhr - Martini Chartering

Kim Niebuhr

Dir +49 40 36 808 448
Mobile +49 174 390 66 78

Kim started his shipping career in 2002 with Christian F. Ahrenkiel in Hamburg working at the operations desk for container vessels and bulk carriers including an 8-months internship with Panasia Marine in Singapore. In 2007, Kim joined Martini Chartering as a broker serving the container and dry bulk markets. As from 2010 he took a further commitment with Christian F. Ahrenkiel where Kim was in charge of the chartering activities of a fleet of supramax and handysize bulk carriers.
Since May 2013 Kim has been back home at the chartering desk of Martini Chartering with a main focus in container, dry bulk as well as PCTC business. Kim is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (MICS).

Stella Hiller - Martini Chartering

Stella Hiller

Dir +49 40 36 808 442
Mobile +49 172 308 93 00

After her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and a year in Australia Stella started her shipping career with Martini Chartering in January 2008. Starting as an assistant to the brokers Stella is now leading the Martini Chartering operations department.

Boris Erxleben - Martini Chartering

Boris Erxleben

Dir +49 40 36 808 445
Mobile +49 172 421 48 57

Boris started his career with Alfred C. Toepfer Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg, in 1997. Initially, working as a competitive shipbroker, he later took the position as Operations & Chartering Manager for the company managed container fleet of up to 8 vessels in the sizes 800 – 3,000 TEU.
In 2010 he started with the Operations Department of Reederei Leonhardt & Blumberg, Hamburg. Since 2013 he is Operations Manager with Martini Chartering, being in charge of exclusive and competitive vessels. Further he takes care for the database and research.

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